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In the true spirit of love, 2Connect has thought of a great way to help you meet someone in 2020!

Whether you are single, divorced, separated or widowed 21 Dates is here to help you meet the person you’ve been looking for. For only 60 Euros you will have access to 3 speed dating events which guarantee 21 face-to-face dates to be used anytime in 2020.

2Connect puts the human aspect back into your dating life. Leave swipes, profile pictures and internet connections at home and take the time to meet real people: face to face, heart to heart.

Speed Dating is the world’s most popular way to meet lots of interesting people. When you speed date the 2Connect way, you are provided with wonderful opportunities to meet and date like minded individuals who may share your ideas and goals.

So why not join the thousands of people who have made meaningful connections through 2CONNECT and get your dating life started!

Upon purchasing this incredible offer, 2Connect will contact you directly to check which date best suits you and follow up with a confirmation email.

Once booked in we will contact you to confirm the dates of the events you want to attend.

SAVE 35% on your tickets and and book today!

Special offer valid for a limited time only!

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Speed Dating



Ages : 20-60


Male Places: Available

or call 087-203-7196

Female Places: Available

or call 087-203-7196