About this event

Get your dating off to a great start!

For the past 15 years we have been organising fun face-to-face dates with people who want to meet new people!

Don`t waste any more time on Tinder or online dating. Time to meet real people in the real world!

A 2CONNECT.IE speed dating afternoon is a perfect way to relax in comfort and meet 7+ dates.

About 2CONNECT speed dating
To get the most out of the event come with an open mind & don`t take it too seriously!

What happens at an event
On arrival our host will register you & give you a dating card, a name badge & a pen. Next the host will explain how it works.

Now the dating begins. Usually women will stay seated while men will rotate every 3 to 5 minutes when the bell rings. After each date the daters mark their card whether they would like to see that person again.

After the event
At the end of the event hand us your card! The next day we will email you a link to your account where you can view your matches. If you get a match, don`t delay & send the person an email.

"What a fun night! Met great guys. Will tell my friends! Gina, Cafe en Seine, Feb 2011.

"I was nervous on arrival but the host was great & explained the night & introduced me to others right away. I met a load of great ladies. I like this company"Mark

Speed Dating
Please arrive by 14:40
Signing in at 14:50
Event starts at 15:00

The venue

Situated on picturesque Haddington Road, Ballsbridge, The 51 is a modern, spacious pub in the heartland of Dublin 4

Event Details

Speed Dating


The 51

Date :Sat 14th Sep 2019

City : Dublin

Ages : 35-45


Male Places: Available

or call 087-203-7196

Female Places: Available

or call 087-203-7196