The best way to meet people is to “actually” meet them in real life. Today we face a different dating world where social distancing must be maintained thus affecting trust and intimacy. At 2CONNECT Match Making we only work with genuine, trustworthy people who adhere to our dating guidelines.

My name is Hugh Redmond, I am a match maker 15 years helping domestic and international clients. I only work with genuine people who know what they want and are realistic about expectations. Combining my human resources and recruitment background, I’ve successfully matched thousands of singles resulting in dozens of weddings and hundreds of relationships. I provide a safe, private and effective service for people searching for life partners. I love connecting people and get a real buzz when romance and happiness becomes part of my client’s lives. Let me guide you on this journey, let me connect you to our growing community of like-minded people looking for love.

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My name is Hugh Redmond, I am a dating expert and coach. Fifeeen years of dating experience has helped me identify the key areas where dating fails. My coaching covers confidence, attraction, preparation, body language  flirting, tips and expectations. I offer different packages designed to  boost your confidence and get you more opportunities to meet and catch your perfect match. Don't let fear or ambivalence hold you back!  Get started today!


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23/07/2024 Speed Dating Dublin 55-65 €35.00 Available Sold Out
25/07/2024 Speed Dating Dublin 35-45 €35.00 Available Available
27/07/2024 Speed Dating Dublin 45-55 €35.00 Available Sold Out
31/07/2024 Speed Dating Cork 24-34 €35.00 Sold Out Available
01/08/2024 Speed Dating Dublin 30-40 €35.00 Available Available

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We host a bunch of fun and exciting singles events every week in Dublin, Cork and Galway. These are perfect opportunities for you to meet your perfect match in comfortable and relaxed settings with like-minded people. Whether its speed dating evenings, pub quizzes, mix ‘n mingle parties and fun outdoor adventures, our singles events are a sure way to get your heart fluttering. We promise each event is filled with real people searching for true connections. Are you in?

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I am Ireland’s leading matchmaker. My experience includes both domestic and international matchmaking. My human resources background combined with 15 years of coaching and matching having given me the knowledge to successfully pair up hundreds of my clients. I have built up a large pool of clients who trust and use my services to help them prepare and succeed in their dating journey. I understand all the dating challenges you face and know how to overcome them. Let me guide you to dating success. Don't waste any more time using technology to shop for love, act now and get your dating life sorted. Hugh 2CONNECT

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